Story Of a Man, por Tiago Iorc

por @Juliana Manzato

“You spend most time
Trying to figure out why you can never figure out
Just what you’re trying to figure out
Spend more time living

You spend most time
Searching for the love that’ll be searching for your love
You love to save your love for love
Spend more time loving

You spend most time
Talking ‘bout yourself and how it matters to your self
More than to anybody else
Spend more time listening

You spend most time
Judging everything as if you ever knew a thing
There’s more to things than just one thing
Spend more time respecting

You spend most time
Worried ‘bout what’s to say about your silly little ways
Isn’t that silly, anyway?
Spend more time flowing

You spend most time
Fussing, bluffing, hating all times

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